Students :

  • Registered Internal Undergraduate Students.

Staff :

  • Members of the Permanent Academic Staff.
  • Members of the Administrative Staff
  • Members of the Academic Support Staff
  • Members of the Permanent Non Academic Staff

Visiting staff members are not eligible to use the lending facilities. They can be allowed to refer Information resources within the library if they produce a letter of guarantee from the confirmed staff member.

Outdoor researchers may obtain reference privileges by getting permission in writing for the Director /Senior Assistant Librarian.

In  Addition

Those who obtain approval in writing from the Director of the institute are also entitled to use the library.


Membership Registration


Students are enrolled at the beginning of a new academic year, subject to the receipt of confirmed details of such students by the Academic and student affairs branch of the institute.



 Staff members are registered by submitting the duly completed application form with the staff identity card.


Issuing of Library Tickets


Academic Staff

Members of permanent academic staff are issued five library tickets , two for lending and there for reference.  Books are given for the time period of  three months.


Undergraduate Students

Three lending ticketsand one reference ticket, totaling four ticketsare issued, for each undergraduate student.  Lending books are given only for two weeks.  Reference books are loaned for overnight reading and weekend use.

Two lending ticketsare issued for each undergraduate student .


Postgraduate Students

One lending ticketand two reference ticketsare issued to each postgraduate student. Lending books are valid only for two weeks.  Reference books are loaned for overnight reading and weekend use.


Non Academic Staff

Only two lending ticketsare issued.  Validity period of lending books are only for two weeks.


Issuing of Library Tickets to Readers

Academic Staff0302
Non Academic Staff-02


Renewal of Library Tickets

 Renewing of library membership and issuing / re validating of library tickets for senior students take place after the receipt of relevant information from the Academic and Student Affairs Branch of the institute.

By the end of every academic year all the library tickets have to be handed over to the counter together with the student Identification card.