1. Readers must produce their University Identity card / record book when entering the Library.
  2. SILENCE should be observed in all public reading and other service areas of the Library Readers should switch off their cell phones during the time they are in the Library.
  3. Readers are not permitted to bring bags, parcels, files, personal copies of books &any printed materials, umbrellas or any personal belongings in the Library.
  4. Readers are advised not to bring any large size bags, purse or personal belongings when visiting the Library. Due to security reasons these items are not allowed in the cloak room.
  5. Readers must produce their belongings such as books, notes etc. when entering and leaving the Library security inspection.
  6. Reservation of Library seats are not allowed.
  7. Readers are not allowed to do joint work and discussions in the Library.
  8. Smoking, consumption of food and drinks and the use of matches or lighters or open flames are strictly forbidden in all parts of the Library.
  9. All Library materials and other resources should be treated and protected as national resources.
  10. Readers are not allowed to accompany any visitors in the Library. All visitors should obtain the Librarian’s permission to enter the Library.
  11. Reader should not replace books on the shelves, should handover them to a member of the Library staff or leave them on tables provided.
  12. Taking photographs inside the Library is not allowed. Prior approval of the Librarian in writing is required take such photographs.
  13. It is required that all readers avoid wearing unsuitable clothes like shorts, hats or caps, ( except the religious head – covers ) noisy shoes etc. when they enter the Library.
  14. Bottle of ink or ink wells should not be brought into the Library.
  15. No any book may be removed from the Library unless it has been properly issued by the Library staff.
  16. The borrower should produce the book borrowed from the library at the security desk and hand over the gate pass and the number given from the issuing counter to the Library security.
  17. Valuable articles or cash should not be kept in bags at the cloak room of the Library. The Library staff will not hold themselves responsible for any losses.
  18. Any disorderly or improper behavior or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable for suspension of the Library facilities or disciplinary action decided by the Institute.
  19. All readers must adhere to the Institute and the Library rules and regulations.